About Us

VR Surat is Virtuous Retail South Asia's flagship destination and is a first-of-its-kind, community-oriented integrated lifestyle destination. Spread over 615,000 sq. ft. the Centre has established itself as Surat's only destination that offers a curated mix of local and global programmes in the fields of retail, food, music, art, culture and entertainment.


Over the years, VR Surat, has emerged as a platform for cultural festivals, public-private partnerships and cross-border collaborations that encourage civic pride, strengthen the local economy and enhance the city's brand image, thereby "Connecting Communities©".

VR Surat is an ode to Surat - a city that is proud of its traditions and celebrates its culture with great fervour. Colourful art installations and murals across VR Surat offer visitors a simple, modern interpretation of age-old Surati customs and tradition "Jal Tapi" is an exhibit made out of the vessel that won the "Magdalla Boat Race" in 2012 and is painted by the renowned artists Paresh Maity, "Jamman Jalso" and "Majja ni Life" are sculptures that capture the vibrancy of life in Surat and the stEat Mural is a 240-foot Mural that chronicle's Surat's rich heritage.


VR Surat invites you all to come experience a place inspired by the idea of Surat, inspired by the communities that make it unique, inspired by the heritage that gives it character and inspired by the people of Surat !


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